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The ROKWOOD project supports the cooperation between six European research-driven clusters in order to improve research and technological development (RTD), market uptake and to increase investments in wooden biomass production and utilisation schemes at regional level.
The Marketplace helps you to find partners on fuel and energy wood. If you work with the production and use of wooden biomass from short rotation plantations, and you are not listed yet, you can register at
You have the possibility to search for market partners by indicating different options. Either you can search for market partners by their specific name, or you can tick some of the boxes. To search for a company in your area, please select your country.

ROKWOOD Marketplace:


Irish Bioenergy Association – Members Directory

IrBEA was founded in May 1999 and operates as a not-for-profit limited liability company. Its role is to promote the bioenergy industry and to develop this important sector on the island of Ireland. The organisation is a self-governing association of voluntary members.
IrBEAs diverse membership includes: farmers and foresters, fuel suppliers, energy development companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, engineers, financiers and tax advisers, legal firms, consultants, planners, research organisations, local authorities, education and advisory bodies – anyone with an interest in the bioenergy industry.