The GREBE project was established to address the challenges which entrepreneurs face in doing business in peripheral and arctic areas, and specifically to assist businesses the Renewable Energy sector. It will do this by analysis of advanced RE options, provision of expert business mentoring, examining and establishing transnational models of successful growth strategies, analysing policies and provision of funding mechanisms and the support agencies available to SMEs.

Amongst the challenges that are faced by SMEs in the sector are
 Lack of critical mass
 Dispersed settlements
 Poor accessibility
 Vulnerability to climate change effects

The project aims to enable SMEs and start-up businesses to overcome these challenges and address the issues which present barriers to growth and to use place-based natural assets to the best sustainable effect.

In addition to this the GREBE project will enable local SMEs in each region to achieve business growth , provide additional employment opportunities and address the energy needs of their respective local communities. The provision of expert mentoring support will extend to supporting business growth, and providing a range of skills enhancement opportunities to encourage working in this sector in addition to the provision of appropriate Renewable Energy tailored guidance so that the entrepreneurs are supported and provided with the tools to succeed in the sector.

The support will also extend to include the transnational sharing of knowledge through an on-line platform which will showcase innovations in RE technology and enhance accessibility of expertise and support both locally and in other NPA regions.

Find out more about the GREBE Entrepreneur Enabler Scheme (EES) here.

More about EES in the partner regions can be found here.